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Body Art Training Academy
Welcome to the South African Body Art Training Academy, "SABATA".

We are the largest and fastest growing body piercing training course provider in South Africa, providing training courses in both canula and blade piercing techniques. People from all backgrounds have studied and qualified as a professional body piercing artist with us and changed their lives.

The Academy specialises in providing jargon free, tailored, hands on, and professional body piercing training courses to national and international audiences. Each course is specially designed with you in mind.

The Academy's - body piercing school of excellence, has been formed with a qualified tutor and experienced body piercing artist to provide you with the very highest level of body piercing training, in-depth  knowledge, help, advice, support and encouragement in the industry today. The courses are presented in a relaxed and professional environment using non patronising methods as one body piercing artist to another.

When you train with "The Academy ", you can expect no less than:

Hands on training in a working environment
Certified trainer to guide you through the course
In-depth knowledge on all aspects of body piercing
Industry leading qualification
Portfolio of piercings
Advice on your business start up
Access to suppliers
Life time support!

Be The Best!

Remember, "The Academy " not only offers you added credibility through its qualifications and rules of conduct, but also the security of having a professional body piercing training school  behind you to support you in your professional and business development.

Once you have gained one of "The Academy's" qualifications (Diploma) you will be confident in knowing everything from the history of body piercing to the specialised method of no bleed technique.

Once you have read through your course information please do give us a call and an experienced course advisor will go through each individual course at your request:
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